The Initial Ramblings of a Digital Marketer “Starting Somewhere”

I’m not sure what this is, so I don’t see much point in an introduction. But here’s what I’ll say for now:

On paper, I’m an accomplished digital marketer specializing in SEO content strategy whose past experiences should have me beaming with pride. In reality, I’m an accomplished digital marketer whose past experiences have given life lessons and valuable skills for the workplace without moving the needle on filling an elusive void I can’t yet define.

Talk about millennial problems amirite?

So buckle the fuck up! We’re doing some career-driven-soul-searching. No map. No compass. Just grammatical errors and structureless rambling.

Goal: Fill the void. With what? I don’t know. But I’ve got to start somewhere and this is somewhere. Worst case scenario this improves my writing (maybe). I’ve never done this before.

Ok enough. Let’s goooooooooo!

Where am I?

I think this is a great place to start for multiple reasons. Mainly this initial rambling will prepare you for the kind of content that I’m likely to deliver. My communication style it’s sporadic, full of tangents, and has accurately been described as “rabbit trails”. For example, the question was “where am I?” And so far all I’ve done is over-explain how I will answer this question…

Where am I?

Northwest Portland Oregon, in an apartment that, like many others, doubles as a home office because it’s February 2021 and the pandy stills rages. I am in my bed stoned as a cat, dictating to the iPad I convinced myself would be the tool that finally kickstarts my independent career as a digital marketer, but in reality, is just another screen I need to clean my greasy fingerprints off of.

Where am I?

At a pivotal point in my career and adulthood. Navigating the next steps in my life with a new job, a manager's title, and cryptocurrency FOMO. Investigating the intricacies of the elusive “work-life balance”, while battling the imposter syndrome that lurks in every corner of my mind.

Where am I?

When my eyes are closed and I’m meditating to 10 hours of ocean waves on Spotify, it is hard to say… Maybe New Zealand?…Portugal?…. It’s definitely a quiet beach along a cliff.

Where am I?

I’m at the beginning of something that will hopefully develop into a large project but at the end of my introduction.

What am I doing?

I honestly don’t know yet. My thinking is that this will work itself out after enough typing. But that’s just my hypothesis. This could amount to a whole lot of nothing and we’ve both just wasted time :)

I think the best course of action is to voice some goals and some sort of agenda. This is partially for you the audience, but mostly for me because. I clearly need some direction.

End Game

I’m putting it out there in the universe. The goal is a book. Well, at least enough content to justify a book. Here’s the pitch:

Finding “success” from the perspective of a young digital marketer who’s spent most of his adult life scheming, planning, brainstorming, and mapping out paths to fame and riches while under the influence of the devil’s cabbage and having nothing to show for these pipe dreams.

I can see it now! I’m the next Anthony Bourdain and this is my Marketing Confidential! I need to start practicing my signature for the endless book signing I’m about to endure. Huzzah! A purpose!

Finish rolling your eyes and focus. I have more rambling to do and my self-doubt is fine without your help. I understand that writing a book is a massive undertaking and not something to be taken lightly. But to be honest with you, this fake argument I’m having with an imaginary reader is fueling my “fuck you” drive.

Oooo I sense some direction!

Maybe it’s a book. Maybe it’s not. But it’s something that satisfies this:

I want to share. I want to encourage you. I want to educate.

This is the unselfish component of this undefined project.

The selfish component is that I don’t like working a 9-to-5 and I would much rather spend my time doing things that I wanna do. Whether this is going to grant me that, I have no idea. But at the very least this is an exercise that’s a tiny nudge in the right direction.

And just like that…momentum builds…

I think treating this as a journal is the best course of action. This seems efficient and therapeutic. And considering I rarely write long-form content, this would provide much-needed mental exercise.

“Got to keep the brain wrinkly.”

Along the way, I can share advice, tips, and other juicy things I’ve learned over my years as a directionless digital marketer and confused “adult”.


What a weird experience so far… whatever. Got to start somewhere.

: reluctantly presses publish:

Yada Yada Yada